Battle of the Christmas ad campaigns

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06 Jan Battle of the Christmas ad campaigns

Believe it or not, according to new data it is Aldi, not John Lewis, that had the most successful Christmas advertising campaign in 2016.
Despite Aldi being some distance away from John Lewis when it comes to mentions, with 19,816 compared to 241,190, it is the overall best performer, according to Waggener Edstrom [WE] Communication’s brand agility index.

WE’s index is compiled by ranking brands out of five in areas, including:

  • A campaign’s scalability and relevance
  • The speed in which it responds on social media
  • Engagement with audience
  • Originality
  • Personalisation and sentiment.


It does this by analysing all conversations and engagement levels from brands across various forms of media such as news reports, blogs, forums, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and comments on YouTube during the festive period; Aldi, with a score of 247, just beats John Lewis (244) to the post.

Christmas Advertising campaign stats

Christmas Advertising campaign stats

Having monitored all the Christmas ads since 4 November, among the weakest performers are Ocado, Tesco, Currys and Boots, with each failing to resonate as they “lack memorable characters”.

“While John Lewis did ‘win’ in terms of the sheer number of mentions, the main reason why Aldi has scored higher in our brand agility index is that it has kept going, week in and week out. From promotions to competitions, ‘Kevin the Carrot’ was ever-present,”…. explains Gareth Davies, head of digital and insight at WE.

He continued by saying : “Looking at John Lewis’s social pages, there appears to be less Christmas-themed content lately. Sure, this did not impact the overall number of references the brand received, but it did make it miss out across several parameters because it was more about promotions and less about continuing the ‘Buster the Boxer’ story.”

Looking ahead to 2017, Davies predicts the use of comedic festive characters such as Kevin the Carrot and Buster the Boxer is bound to intensify.

Source: Marketing Week

Contributor: Hannah Taylor-Brewin

Bracknell office: 01344 311344

Hannah Taylor-Brewin

Bracknell office: 01344 311344

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