Berkshire economy in good health according to Thames Valley LEP


03 Dec Berkshire economy in good health according to Thames Valley LEP

Thames Valley LEP reports continued vibrant health of the Thames Valley Berkshire economy and its ongoing capacity to attract strong levels of FDI.


Berkshire Region

Berkshire Region

According to Robin Barnes Programme Lead for Enterprise, Innovation & Business Growth,  Thames Valley LEP,  Berkshire has a strong economy. On the national stage, the area performs extremely well on most measures of economic health – economic output,  productivity, employment rates and competitiveness.

Key findings for 2018


▪ The number of registered businesses in Berkshire has plateaued, following six years of growth

▪ Berkshire business ‘births’ have declined since 2015, although they remain higher than business ‘deaths’

▪ Berkshire continues to attract significant Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

▪ The number of Foreign-Owned Companies in Berkshire has topped 1,000 for the first time

▪ Recruitment of permanent staff has slowed and the use of temporary staff increased, possibly as a result of economic uncertainty following the EU referendum

▪ Extensive urban regeneration and the much anticipated arrival of the Elizabeth Line will add to Berkshire’s locational strengths

▪ Recent announcements of investment in Berkshire by leading professional services firms (such as Deloitte and KPMG) suggest long-term optimism for the performance of Berkshire’s businesses.

James Page, who heads up Page Hardy Harris Newbury,commented on how the commercial property sector in Berkshire has been doing:

Without a doubt it has been a very busy time for the Commercial property world in the Thames Valley Region. Newbury, for example, has seen the impact of the Parkway Shopping Centre. The trading figures for new retail development exceeded expectations over the Christmas period and it has certainly attracted new investment not only to the town but to the surrounding areas.  Greenham Business Park, Newbury is an example of a thriving commercial estate and with over 180 businesses located there demonstrates the thriving economy in West Berkshire.”

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