09 Feb Employment law update

This month's legal update from Herrington Carmichael covers the following subjects:- National Living Wage -  new ‘National Living Wage’ (NLW) for workers aged over-25 of £7.20 per hour. The intention is for the NLW to rise to £9.00 per hour by 2020. Monitoring Employees Use of the...

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04 Feb Social media and the law: a checklist

Know about social media platforms Knowing the legal implications for your business about using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter is essential; and how it is used by your employees. Checklist
  1. Assess the specific risks that apply to your business. Ask yourself: “whose use of social media could damage us, and in what ways?”
  2. Understand how the different social media platforms work.
  3. Make clear whether personal use of social media sites is permitted on computers/deves in your workplace.
  4. Be aware of what your business publishes across the range of social media platforms; put appropriate compliance and quality control procedures in place.
  5. If anything posted by your business may cause legal problems, remove it immediately.
  6. Make sure your business’s social media usernames don’t infringe any other businesses’ IP rights.
  7. To protect your IP rights, register any usernames related to your business name and other trade marks.
  8. Your business may be liable for damages caused by an employee’s personal social media posts. Establish clear guidelines for employees.
  9. Set clear standards for public comments employees might make in their personal social media posts.
  10. If an employee breaches these standards, request the immediate removal of offending posts.
  11. Assess the importance to your customers of social media and the relationship between brand and customer.
  12. Have a plan in place to deal with negative customer postst.
  13. Don’t ignore or be heavy-handed towards customers who criticise you via social media.
  14. However, if you believe a customer or other third party has used social media platforms to post unlawful content that adversely affects your business, take legal advice straight away.
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