Changes to the law regarding Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs)

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12 Jul Changes to the law regarding Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs)

It could be 9 months before your rental income could stop. From APRIL 2018 you will be unable to let, or renew the lease of a property with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPCs) rating of F or G This impacts both commercial & residential lettings

Three actions are now strongly recommended:
• Whether you are a landlord or tenant you should carry out an EPC Portfolio Audit for every building you have an interest in. Using just a postcode all 17 million residential EPCs are a click away at . All 720,000 commercial EPCs can be found at . Almost all leased commercial buildings now have an EPC. We are experts at helping our clients undertake these audits. Call us and we will help you – no obligation.

• Commission Vital to undertake new draft EPCs for all of your buildings which have poor Grades. An improved Grade can often be achieved by our assessor obtaining additional technical information. We have been producing high quality EPCs across the UK since the regulations started in 2008. We are experts at improving EPC Grades by undertaking thorough, professional surveys.

• Commission us to produce our unique Vital EPC Plus upgrade reports. These bespoke reports analyse the building and find the least cost improvements to get the building out of the ‘F&G Danger Zone’. We have years of experience in producing these reports and offer a consistent, national service from High Street shops to HQ office buildings.

CPD presentation offer
Vital Properties Solutions provide highly informative and relevant professional briefings for surveyors, asset managers and landlords across the UK. All you need to know in 60 minutes. They come to you and CPD Certificates are issued.

Source: Vital

If you are a commercial landlord or tenant and would like advice regarding EPCS

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Marketing & HR Director

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