NovaLoca celebrates 10 year anniversary


07 Jul NovaLoca celebrates 10 year anniversary

NovaLoca is proud to announce its tenth year in business; supporting agents, occupiers, landlords and developers from across the UK!

Amongst all commercial property searches, NovaLoca stands proudly as one of the longest-running, longest-surviving of its competitors, maintaining long-lasting relationships with its clients, and working alongside some of the most prolific names in the industry. They are incredibly proud of their history and independence, and  look back at the company’s eventful ten-year journey.


Though registered in 2007, NovaLoca’s conception can be traced as far back as 1996, when the company’s managing director, Miranda Munn, started work at Bedfordshire-based Waltons Direct. Experiencing for herself the difficulties in locating the perfect commercial property, the concept of a bespoke service dedicated to exactly that task began to form.

Eventually, in 2006 Miranda discovered a development company which was managing websites. In August 2007, NovaLoca was finally registered with Companies House. The company officially launched in January of 2008 – initially offering listings for free. Some prominent commercial agencies then signed up, including Page Hardy Harris and are still listing with us today. Now, they proudly represent around 300 companies, with over 1,000 agents between them.

Much of the team have been with the company from its early years, right on up until today. Chris Tembey has been with them since the beginning.  He says:

As the first employee of NovaLoca I feel I have pretty much seen all there has been to see over these first, hugely eventful 10 years.

The fact I am still here speaks volumes for Miranda and the people I work with.  The staff really are a unique and wonderful group; both supportive and passionate, together we have been through much – both in and outside the office.

The location offers peace, clean air and a sense of freedom; where else could you charge around on a hobby horse and not feel like you should be locked up!  I’ve pretty much ticked every event box and seen the Company and website develop from infancy to what it stands for today.

The success of NovaLoca to date is something all involved can be tremendously proud of and we look forward to the next 10 years and what adventures lie in store!

The team have witnessed NovaLoca innovate with a great many technological solutions. They launched their own street view ahead of Google’s own, and offered various property search solutions for clients starting with iframes. They introduced their own apps, followed by a mobile –friendly website, producing Blackberry, Android, Windows Phone and iOS apps for clients . Most recently, they launched their own mobile-friendly, commercial property website service with ZipBox. In 2009, they partnered with Property Week as their official search provider,

Susie Page, who heads up the marketing team at Page Hardy Harris, has dealt with Chris Tembey ever since they signed up.  She says:

It is always a pleasure dealing with Chris as he is so responsive when we have a query and gets things done.  He has always understood our business needs and worked in partnership on marketing projects.  Novaloca has continued to provide us with both the quality and quantity of enquiries and is one of the few property portals that stays affordable.

Source: Novaloca news

Contributor: Susie Page


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