Thames Valley Tech Group to set up technology hub


06 Jun Thames Valley Tech Group to set up technology hub

The Thames Valley’s need for a collaborative hub for the region’s digital and creative sectors is the focus of a new group set up to support start-ups and help them grow.

The Thames Valley Tech Group brings together diverse organisations who support new and imaginative businesses both as an incubator for them and as an accelerator. Its aim is to create a collaborative hub both online and offline which fosters innovation.

Collaboration is key

Thames Valley Property joined a roundtable discussion at the group’s last meeting on  May 26 at the home of co-working space provider Desklodge at its latest location at Belvedere House at Basing View.

The Tech Group is chaired by UK Property Forums’ managing director Matthew Battle. The group’s purpose and value was defined as putting the region on the map, unlocking ‘proper’ incubation space, establishing technology centres and creating a joined up, sustainable, technology hub.

Reading and Basingstoke were seen as the initial areas to start the ball rolling but the Thames Valley was the area to be promoted. A local government funding system was suggested where money went to start ups to find their own choice of space.

Source: Thames Valley Property Forum

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