Trainee Surveyors join the Page Hardy Harris team


14 Nov Trainee Surveyors join the Page Hardy Harris team

New blood join the Page Hardy Harris team as they sign up to the UCEM surveying degree apprenticeship.  The company now has 3 offices in Bracknell, Maidenhead and Newbury with 11 employees working across the business.


Aran Curcher and Sophie Holmes, who joined the business this month, have been talking about what inspired them to undertake the RICS commercial pathway programme.

The passion to learn something new in an industry of interest for us made this role the perfect opportunity. We hoped that, with our skills and potential, we would fit right in. The in-depth recruitment process covered personality profiling, role play and numerical exercises and onsite face to face assessment helped both sides to be sure we were suited to the company and the paired surveying degree, and to our delight, we were.

“Despite what some may think, we haven’t just joined to provide tech support and make teas and coffees! We are on a path that will end with us becoming fully-fledged Chartered Surveyors” – Sophie

Sophie and Aran describe the first few days as daunting, but were made to feel really welcome. The structured induction plan helped them get to grips with the business and how it works. It’s now week two and they are already feeling the benefits of learning and earning.

What has been one of the key learning points for you?

“No question was considered too silly, encouraging us to ask about anything to help us settle in faster. We were quick to learn that commercial sales are a very social industry, which was a definite bonus to the evermore appealing job.” – Aran

How will you balance working for Page Hardy Harris with the degree programme?

The apprentices, as well as the company, felt it would be a good idea to get the job under their belt before starting the degree program at UCEM in Reading. This will help them pace their learning, as well as providing some practical knowledge that only on the job training will give them.

“The chance to jump in on the day to day practices of Page Hardy Harris has been an exciting opportunity, preparing us for future prospects within the job role and starting the degree programme.” – Sophie

What does the role entail?

For the time being, they are working alongside others in the office, yet are slowly becoming more independent, in the hope that they will soon be in charge of their own work diaries and everything that entails. For example, attending viewings or strengthening relationships with clients and applicants.

“We can’t wait to see what the future holds. From new instructions to the simple admin work, the diverse and ever-changing work of Page Hardy Harris has left me wanting more.” – Aran

Overall, these two weeks have already been insightful and enlightening to the career prospects of the job, Aran and Sophie commented.  The prospect of future opportunities excites us and motivates us to uphold the high standards of the previous trainee surveyors, Kieran Webber and Hannah Taylor Brewin, who are both coming to the end of their degree courses.

To contact Aran or Sophie:

Sophie Holmes – Mob: 07763565056

Aran Curcher – Mob: 07763561359


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