Will 2017 see the death of the CV?

23 Jan Will 2017 see the death of the CV?

According to Investors in People’s annual report, ‘Job Exodus Trends’, 58% of employees in the South East will be looking for a new job in 2017. But in this digital age how important is your CV? asks Theale-based business development specialist, Clarify.

Statistics show that assessing for values, behaviours and verbal reasoning during the recruitment process increases the odds not only of attracting the right candidate by 75%, but for the candidate to better identify the right potential employer – as opposed to using a CV as the basis for interview.  

Clarify is pioneering in its approach to recruitment and as a result it has increased its staff retention by 27% since this new interview process was introduced in January 2016.  

CEO Claire Edmunds explained: “Clarify’s clients are global technology enterprises and we help them to accelerate their sales processes. Due to the specialised nature of our work, we struggle to find salespeople with the skills we need, however we are able to develop talent for our business development roles if a candidate has the right values, behaviours and motivations in place.” 

Clarify’s recruitment process is based on a series of assessments designed to highlight key behaviours; “there are no right or wrong answers,” said Kelly Joyce, head of talent, “this means the candidate’s critical thinking, behaviours and motivations are more evident, allowing us to assess their suitability for the role much more accurately than a competency-based interview, presentations and CV experience alone.”

“This sophisticated methodology is usually reserved for senior roles in global businesses,” Joyce continued. “Clarify is pioneering in employing these techniques for all its employees and it is unique in feeding these values and motivations into an on-going training and development programme for successful hires.

“In today’s fast-paced digital world we believe more emphasis will be placed on assessing for behavioural capabilities rather than CV content in order to find the best talent fit for business and the candidate – it’s a win win.”

Source: The Business Magazine

Contributor: Susie Page

Marketing & HR Director susie@pagehardyharris.co.uk

Marketing & HR Director

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